New Book: Physics of Electrochemical Processes

The past months have been unprecedented for many people around the world, and most were asked to work from home for long periods of time. Though of course we are happy that slowly things are improving, one positive thing did come out of the past months, which is that Maarten Biesheuvel (Wetsus) and Jouke Dykstra (Wageningen University) started writing the book they always wanted to write. The book has now over 300 pages, and is available as a pre-release free of charge from the website The book covers many of the topics related to Ionics and Iontronics, including membrane transport (electrodialysis, reverse osmosis) using 1D and 2D models, as well as the DLVW-theory for colloidal interaction, the physics of electrowetting, EDL theories (Frumkin, Donnan, GCS), bio-electrochemical processes, heat effects including electrostatic cooling, and incorporation of acid-base reactions in combined mass transport and reaction modeling.

The authors hope you will enjoy reading this book, and hope you will let them know your opinion or comments to further improve the book!


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