Second IontronicsNL symposium on 1st and 2nd July 2021

We are happy to announce the second IontronicsNL symposium will be jointly organized by the IontronicsNL and UK-RFB networks.


In this event, we cover the basic science required for understanding the wide range of iontronic processes in redox-flow batteries.  We will also present the latest research results on this rapidly expanding and promising solution for sustainable electrochemical energy storage.

The program consists of didactic invited lectures and research presentations from the community focused mostly on recent innovative results for Redox-Flow Batteries.

Invited speakers are

  • Marnix Wagemaker (Technical University Delft)
  • Maria Perez-Page (University of Manchester)
  • Jouke Dykstra (Wageningen University & Research)
  • Kathryn Toghill (University of Lancaster)
  • Maarten Voors (Wageningen University & Research)
  • Rathod Suman (IISC Bangalore)

You can register (free of charge) and/or submit your abstracts here

The deadline for abstract submission is extended until Monday June 21th, 2021.



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